Within the life of each of us there are significant episodes, incidents and moments that evoke powerful awakenings. This past year has brought several of those times forward for many of us. From the birth of new family members to the transitions of loved ones, we have been touched and inspired by so much.

For Vince and me, it has been a truly rewarding year to celebrate the community presence in our lives though all the events and experiences we shared with all of you. Our community has grown but it still feels intimate and receptive because of the depth of love and caring you all share so generously.

As we approach the beginning of every year, Vince and I have a tradition that inspires us to set a fertile foundation towards a year that is meaningful and fruitful. It is a powerful way to connect with each other and also to move towards the life we want to create for ourselves.

We usually take some time away for a few days to reflect on where we are in our lives, what is no longer working for us and what we want to let go of. We do a small burning ceremony to ritualize the letting go part. Then we think about the aspects of our lives that we are grateful for. I prefer to journal about them. We spend some time in meditation. This is an important stage because it clears our mind and always fosters deep emotions of appreciation and connection with all the good in our lives. So much joy comes through!

This then brings us to a level of thinking that is beyond our cognitive thoughts to a state of intuitive inspiration and imagination. Here is where we connect to that Divine spark of life. It’s here that life unfolds from a sacred direction. We never spend time or energy thinking about resolutions. More about what we aspire to bring into our lives. We don’t want to resolve anything but rather we consider what no longer is working in our lives and then open to what is inspiring us to live our best year yet.

What patterns or aspects of your life are no longer working for you? What are you grateful for? Who are the people in your life that inspire you? What are some of the things you do that bring you joy? What makes you happy when you are involved with it? If you spend some time with these questions and create a little ritual around them, you will come to find that life will flow from an elevated state of awareness and you will create a life that you love and cherish.

From all of us at Desert Song, we wish the best year yet for you and your loved ones in 2016.
We will never take for granted all the support and love you share with us.

We are blessed knowing you. With appreciation and love,

Mary Beth and Vince