Desert Song changes lives.

Align With The Divine

By Ellen Martinoni – CYI, RYT

The highest intention of Anusara yoga is to align with the Divine.  We do this by stepping into the flow of Grace, by realizing that this Divine flow is our essential nature.  This higher knowledge serves our innate desire to participate and serve the creative flow of life.  We make each breath and each pose in our yoga practice an offering to the Divine and a creative expression of the light within us.  Each of us is an individual thread in the wonderful tapestry of life.

Putting Anusara Into Practice

While you're on your mat, back off on your effort to become more sensitive to your "inner" body and more receptive to the flow of your practice.  Offer your poses as a prayer or offering to the Divine or to someone you hold deep within your heart.  The effect of this is powerful and will transform your practice.


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