Dear Desert Song Community!

Can you believe another month has gone by already?
With days seemingly running into each other (work, chores, family, hiding from the sun, etc), it is often difficult to find quality time for ourselves, let alone practice yoga, isn’t it? And even when we do make time for our mat, sometimes it ends up feeling monotonous and uninspired. I certainly have run into this throughout the years, where I’d move through my regular practice, a bit on autopilot. But what I have learned from these moments, is that it doesn’t take much change at all to bring back that spark.
So for August, I have decided to compile 5 tips to help you take your yoga practice deeper.

  1. Find Consistency
    The quickest way to find depth in your yoga practice is by being consistent. It’s just like playing piano…the more you do it, the more confident you’ll feel. If you’re already consistent with one class, maybe add another one that challenges you differently, or just go to a different class entirely. Pro tip: schedule your life around your yoga class (grocery store after yoga, yoga on way home from work, yoga before lunch).
  2. Take a Workshop
    Are you curious about breath work but don’t know where to start? Would you like to start incorporating yogic principles into your meals? Would you like to learn how yoga can help you manage your stress level? Our workshops are designed to help you answer these questions and more. By spending a larger chunk of time on a specific topic, you’ll quickly get invigorated and will want to take what you’ve learned back into your regular practice.
  3. Read or Listen to a Yoga Book
    In class, we touch on the philosophical principles of yoga, but there is SO MUCH MORE! There is an abundance of fascinating books that give you deeper insight into all of the 8 aspects of yoga, not just the poses. And yes, listening to a yoga audiobook on your drive to work counts!!
  4. Talk to a Teacher
    Remember, as teachers we are here to assist you on your journey! If you have a question about any workshops, books, poses, techniques, or even just where to start with any of these items, please ask! We’ll be happy to help!
  5. Weave Your Practice into Your Day
    I am a firm believer in taking our yoga practice off the mat. What do I mean by that? Physically, use the principles you learn in class and apply them to your daily activities. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually, take lessons on kindness, mindfulness and focus with you into challenging as well as trivial moments. It WILL change your life. You’ll see.

Oh, before I forget, if you really, REALLY want to deepen your practice, I mean change your life kind of deep, you may want to consider our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training. After all, the best way to learn about a subject is by learning how to teach it, even if after graduation you never take the seat of the instructor again. If you’re curious, we have an open house coming up on August 26th, more info below.

Have a wonderful August, and as always, see you on the mat!

Stefanie Sichler, Instructor