This past month we held a gathering for peace, love and community at the center, one of thousands of gatherings all around the world. Over one hundred of us came together and held the conscious experience of peace in our hearts. Have a look…

Peace and love are all around us. It is everywhere, waiting for us to remember. Just the same, we need to remember how to live on this planet with that same dimension of peace and love.

Where do we begin to remember? Perhaps the first place to find lasting peace and love is inside ourselves. To look within ourselves even when it is not easy to do so.

When harnessed from within, it naturally begins to ripple outward to our family, friends, community and beyond.

Many are having difficulty conceptualizing that love and world peace are even possible right now by what they are seeing from the media outlets. Conflict is more news worthy so those are the images that are being blasted constantly; the media refrains from showing the positive that is still occurring daily. But that negativity is not the constant. What is constant, is that at our core, we are prone to love. An incredible awakened spirit is moving through our world, propelled by the happenings of this time in our history. The marches, the community volunteering, the gatherings for human rights, all give us the opportunity to move these heart qualities to a global level.

It really begins with self-love…finding the heart of ourselves. Many times this starts with a painful experience which helps us to shift and look inward. It is a fundamental core quality that comes when you practice moving inside to your heart. At first it may not feel comfortable, but practice enough and you come to discover that at your core is love and an intimate connection to all of life.

We were born to discover this natural essence of ourselves. It lives in our hearts, it has always existed there. It is the depth and breath of Spirit that is looking to connect with our consciousness.

Desert Song will be focusing on the Heart this month. We will hold the recognition of peace, compassion and connection with all who come to our center, and then from our community, we will continue to shine it through to the world. Support, volunteering, creating community safe havens; we are all inspired to share the qualities of the heart.

This month, awaken and remember the qualities of your own heart and share that love and light in all ways that call to you.

From my heart to yours…Shanti!

Mary Beth