February Dharma Talk: Heart, February 16th, 7:15pm

We experience tremendous health through our thoughts, emotion, and body when we open to the energy of Love in our hearts. Love – elusive, sensitive, easily misunderstood – it is nevertheless the food of life, without which none of us could live. It is important to note that love in the heart is often confused with the thoughts and emotions of the mind. Here we would like to begin untangling the complexities and subtleties of the mind/heart and draw closer to that distinction between the mind and the essence of the heart…More

January Dharma Talk: Vision, January 21st, 7:15pm

Here we are again at the beginning of a new year with our hopes, dreams and visions stretching outwardly into our future. As a yoga healing arts community, we are settling into our new home for Desert Song and enjoying the space, beauty and connection with one another. We have actualized a vision of this space and, over the next year, we will be developing our expanded programing and offerings with our partners, staff and community. We hold the vision of our growing center and its positive effects on our personal growth and the peace and support for our neighborhood and wider community at large. Desert Song enhances lives in so many ways….More

December : Reflection

It has been so beautiful outside that it hardly seems like we are in our winter season but as we move towards the Winter Equinox, where the nights are longer and the days are shorter, it is an excellent time of the year to draw inward and find some time to reflect upon the blessings (and lessons) we have experienced over the past 12 months…More

November Dharma Talk: Gratitude, November 17th, 7:15pm

One morning last week when my husband was out of town, I drove to the center to water the garden in his absence. As the early morning sun illuminated the property, my heart was full of appreciation for the beauty and energy of our healing garden. As I watered the plants and glanced at all the community tiles, I was overwhelmed with deep gratitude. I sat for a while to soak up the joy I felt for all the blessings that this community has offered over the years. The property is truly a reflection and a manifestation of our combined offerings. This healing space allows…More

October Dharma Talk: Balance, October 20th, 7:15pm

From time to time, we might feel like we are sliding from one end to the other on the teeter totter of life, seeking the seemingly elusive state of balance. It can be overwhelming to live in this world without having a way to…More