A healthy vibrant life to each of you this year!

Within the life of each of us there are significant episodes, incidents and moments that evoke powerful awakenings. This past year has brought several of those times forward for many of us. From the birth of new family members to the transitions of loved ones, we have been touched and inspired by so much.More

Monthly Theme: Reflection

One of the most dynamic and full words in our English language is the word, Reflection.
As the calendar year wanes to a close, now is the perfect time to explore one of the deeper, vital aspects of our Practice.  Cooler temperatures and shorter days offer us an extended opportunity to explore with curiosity the beautiful, diverse aspects of nature, our nature.More

Monthly Theme: Gratitude

“Do you want to be happy? Live in a state of gratitude.” One of my teachers once said this in a class I was attending long ago. At the time it was a new concept to me. Today it is how I live my life.More

Monthly Theme: Balance

Taking on any task, whether an errand, work or play, it always felt like I was swinging on a pendulum of thoughts and emotions. I would mentally think about what I should and shouldn’t do and emotionally feel anxiety more than certainty. Only after a job well done would I feel a settling into certainty and a brief sense of balance.More

Monthly Theme: Compassion

Since taking on this challenge of writing something on the theme of compassion, I have gone through many approaches about what to say. I read a lot about the research being done, the scientific evidence as to what parts of our brain are involved and how our bodies are affected by the practice of compassion, and what other people are saying. My tendency is to …More