March 2018 Newsletter

“In the “Beginner’s Mind” there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” Suzuki Roshi No doubt you have heard this expression as I have many times. I have even offered it in classes…

February 2018 Newsletter

Here we are moving through the month of January at high speed and about to enter a new month, February. The year is taking stride to be a fast one once again. So, we took a deep breath, and took our time with your survey responses, (thank you for taking the time to answer them) and we want you to know we are listening….More

January 2018 Newsletter

This holiday season I received three different cards that quoted the statement: “Oh, what a year!”. The cards, displaying various photos, all referred to 2017 as a remarkable year….More

November 2017 Mid Newsletter

This is truly a time of transitions for so many in our world today. Some invited and some not so much. This is surely the case at Desert Song…More

Healthy, happy and balanced in a new world

What a crazy month for so many of us here on Planet Earth. Some folks say this is the New Normal – this shared-experience of increased highs and lows. Between the anticipation for and excitement of…..More