5 Things To Help You Survive Summer

Summer is HERE and, try as we might, there is nothing we can do about it. Getting into a blazing hot car, sitting down on a metal chair with uncovered legs, walking through the parking lot, getting broiled from above as well as below – none of that is ever fun…. More

Get to Know Instructor Michelle Pulich Stewart

My intention is to welcome people where they are and skillfully guide them as they remain present to their yoga journey. Your heart’s always been open, yoga helps you remember. – Michelle

In 1996, I first… More

June 2018 Newsletter

As we melt into June and approach Summer Solstice, we may find ourselves cocooning in air-conditioned interiors more. With kids out of school, vacations and the like, regular routines can shift. Like a calm oasis, Desert Song has great…More

Meet Instructor Michelle Lopez

My passion for movement, the human body and the desire to nurture and nourish myself, as well as others, inspired me to learn Pilates and take on the role of movement educator. When I teach I feel …More

May 2018 Newsletter

We are heading full-steam toward the summer months, so now is the time to check in with what is working and what is not, when it comes to your wellbeing……More