Classes Online Instructions

About the process:

  • Online classes will be presented via Zoom, a meeting software platform.
  • What you need:
    • An internet connection
    • Speakers, microphone and camera – the ones in your computer, tablet or smartphone will work
    • For each class registration, you will receive an invitation from Desert Song to join the class (meeting). This link will include the meeting ID and password.
  • It is not necessary to sign up for a Zoom account to attend classes online.
  • Desert Song has a business Zoom account allowing for extended meetings. ‘
  • You will only need to download Zoom the first time you take a class. Then allow Zoom to run so you can “Join the Meeting.”
  • There is no extra cost for you to use Zoom to take our classes.

How to sign up for a class:

  • Go to our website and from the home page select Class Schedule.
  • Select the class you want to attend and click on “Register”.
  • Follow the prompts to register and pay for the class. Always include your email address. We will use this address for the invite.
  • Since we are using a “Pay as You Go” system, you will be prompted to pay for each class. This process is the same one we use for workshops.

The earlier you register for class, the easier it is for us to process your registration and get the invite to you. Note: we will be disabling the payment function three hours prior to class, to assure that we are able to get the emailed invitation to you in plenty of time.

Attending class:

  • A few minutes before the class starts, open the email invitation and click on the URL or cut and paste it to your browser.
  • Click “Join Meeting”.
  • Please use both audio and visual options.
    • Audio allows you to hear the teacher

Online Schedule