From our previous article (click to review) we know that finding center is the main practice of Tai Chi. Here are some techniques to help you. As you master these alignment techniques, you will fine tune your whole nervous system and gain the benefits of balance, better posture, and a tranquil mind.

First method: Integrating (practice one of these techniques at a time to really get familiar with the process. You may find some of these to be easier then others, or none of them are easy at first. Keep practicing. If you are working on only one section of your body you will want to remember to relax that body part. For example, if you are working on pressing into the ground with your feet, then you will want to press and then relax the feet.)

Stand with your feet parallel, and a little less then hip width apart.
Press down into the floor through your feet.

Then press your knees down into your feet.

Draw the tip of your tailbone back and then the lower ribs towards the spine

Take the shoulder blades back

Find the mid throat and slide the throat back to keep your head upright.

Now start to relax your whole body but maintain you alignment. Repeat the process until you feel aligned and can relax unnecessary tension out of your muscles.

Second Method: Stacking the bones.

Imagine that you are just a skeleton. Continue to relax and stack each bone directly over the next. This will increase the ability to relax yet keep proper alignment to restore your bodies health. As you progress through this stage to will begin to feel the flow of gravity moving through you. Your breathing will become more gentle and you will feel balanced and clear minded.

There are many more techniques that deepen your practice but they are based off of these first two methods of finding alignment and center. Work with these and I will offer more tips in a later article.

See you in class.