The first thought that came to my mind, when someone suggested I use a neti pot for my allergies was: You want me to do what? And let’s face it, it’s not something we think of in regards to “fun” at first – after all, you have to shove a spout up your nostril and run water through your nasal passages!

But especially after my bout with this year’s flu (sinus gremlins), which I must have picked up in Tucson a few weeks back, I feel even more strongly about using it. Except for one round of Tylenol to lessen the initial sinus pressure headache, I was able to stay away from any medications. My daily routine included the following: get up, hot shower to loosen up the “stuff”, then a round of neti, some gargling, another gargle and if necessary a round of neti after lunch, a hot epsom salt bath at night, and another round of neti and gargling. (The salt I prefer, just because it smells like lavender, is the Aromatic Salt you can find in Desert Song’s Yotique)

When I’m not sick I use my neti pot every morning, it’s just a nice way to wake up. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a daily routine yet, you’ll still feel wonderful benefits if you neti once a week, or whenever you can. For me the first time was the hardest, just because it meant trying something new. So give it a try – your nose wants a bath too!

If you have any questions about using a neti pot (such as: How do I breathe while rinsing?), ask any of the Desert Song teachers or staff, or come find me before or after my Thursday 7pm class.
I have yet to try the gauze down the nasal breathing passage…but I guess that would deserve another post.

Happy rinsing!
Stefanie Neuburger

Note: If you have a the flu and would like to try my routine, but you are running a fever, please stay away from the hot showers/baths, as that would only increase your fever. At that point you may want to consult your physician.