What a crazy month for so many of us here on Planet Earth. Some folks say this is the New Normal – this shared-experience of increased highs and lows. Between the anticipation for and excitement of the solar and lunar eclipses and the emotional backlash of the recent devastating floods (both here and abroad), multiple forest fires and recent earthquake activity…for most of us, it has been difficult to stay centered.

We are living in fast, turbulent and exciting times. Because of this-we need our practices now more than ever.

These practices that we share with our Desert Song Community have allowed us to move through the acceleration of life with more resilience, awareness and insight. They have become a platform for us to stay grounded within ourselves, to stay calm in the storms of life and to be a part of a community that supports our mental, emotional and physical health.

It has inspired Heidi, Debbie and myself to offer some practical, effective tools from the yoga practices through the six Healthy Balance Lifestyle Workshops that will support a balanced, healthy, happy life. The three of us have been practicing for decades and want to share these daily practices with those who want to foster their commitment to self-care.

We also have new offerings in Feng Shui, Sound Healing, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Pre-natal Partners Yoga and our monthly Intros to Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi. No experience is necessary to join any of these gatherings.

Join us for the All Y’all Yoga Gathering – a donation-based class created to support and benefit our Texan neighbors in their time of need. Michelle, Jen and Michael are all from Texas and have family there. You can donate without attending class.

We are continually grateful to all of you in the Desert Song Community. We are inspired to connect and share our heartfelt practices to keep us all healthy, happy and balanced together.


Mary Beth