March Dharma Talk: Community, March 18th, 7:15pm

“Imagine connecting with the human spirit in each person in any situation at any time. Imagine interacting with others in a way that allows everyone’s need to be equally valued. Imagine creating organizations and life-serving systems responsive to our needs and the needs of our environment.” ~Marshall Rosenberg

Like many large cities, Phoenix has been described as one that lacks community. Within our fast paced urban environment many find it difficult to find the time and the place to be with a group of individuals who bring meaningful connection and a sense of belonging to their lives. The importance for creating and bridging communities is essential to the health and happiness of all its members and to the vitality of the city at large.
Community has been a core principle at Desert Song throughout its 32-year history. A foundation of community has been built through the practices, therapies and healing arts offered at the center. The growth of the center has been supported by the core beliefs of inclusivity, acceptance and respect. It has been an absolute blessing to be a part of a healthy growing community offering an oasis in the city to connect with one another.
Phoenix has many similar communities that offer us means of cultivating connection. Desert Song is enriched by our collaboration with these communities and we have asked 2 of them to join us in our Dharma Talk this month to discuss the value of creating community spaces where people can gather together in an environment that fosters healthy connections.
Gayle Shanks of Changing Hands Bookstore and Karen Mason of Duck and Decanter (both local family run businesses celebrating 40 years in the valley) will join me for our March Dharma Talk to discuss the evolution and value of having businesses that support community connection. We are honored to be associated with these amazing women and their communities.
Open donation to benefit KidsRead USA. The mission of KidsRead USA is to promote early childhood literacy and inspire the joy of lifelong learning to impoverished children and their families by mentoring, advocacy, and giving children books of their own.


Mary Beth Markus