Mary Beth Markus
Owner/Director – LMT, E-RYT 500, CYI

A true innovator envisions a need before the necessity is even apparent. Iyengar Yoga was that movement for Mary Beth when it changed her life as an interior design student at Arizona State University. The philosophy of physical space and the environment in which one lived was, to Mary Beth, an instrument to the health, happiness and balance of one’s inner space. It’s what drew her to the field of Interior Design to begin with and to becoming a Interior Designer. To her surprise, these two major presences in her life had a common theme: Beauty, both in and out, opens the heart. Yoga’s ultimate extension of the pose is to open the heart to the full expression of life and love. She was hooked and knew then and there that yoga was her calling in life. “If the practice does this much for me, it could do it for everyone.” Mary Beth’s received her first 500-hours certification at Ananda’s Yoga Center in Nevada City, CA. Ananda is a residential spiritual community that teaches practices in Kriya Yoga which incorporate yoga techniques to prepare the mind and body for deep meditation. Here yoga became a spiritual upliftment, as well as a physical and psychological way of living. From there, she concentrated her studies in the healing art of massage. These two areas created a strong foundation to further her studies in the following fields:
Iyengar: a form of hatha yoga with emphasis on alignment and therapeutics
Anusara: focuses on the philosophy of movement and breath work supported by a set of Universal Principles of Alignment
Kriya: cleansing practices involving breath work intended to rapidly accelerate spiritual development and tranquility. Desert Song Healing Arts Center is the harmonious blend of these practices and philosophies to create a unique experience for all who pass through it’s doors; a communal focal point where integral beauty, physical work and spiritual awareness come to rest.

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