“The nourishment of the body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others.”
~Ali ibn Abi Talib

Every month I have the opportunity to take a much-needed break to ponder the monthly theme I am about to write. Although this month’s theme is Nourishment, honestly every month feels like Reflection.

As a business owner, most days I feel I rarely have the time or energy to nourish myself with anything but food. The thought of nourishing myself beyond my physical body can feel like one more task on my to-do list that doesn’t get crossed off.

But coming across the above poem, allowed me to take a new perspective on the meaning of Nourishment “…nourishing the soul is feeding others.” In the endless hours of creating my life’s dream of a community center, we have inadvertently created a sustainable food bank for the soul. We feed others on a daily basis. For those of you that attended the Walt Richardson concert a few weeks ago certainly felt how many souls were fed that evening!

Fueled by my passion for yoga, community, and my own evolution, I have been blessed with a work and home life that are feeding my soul and my community each and every day.

Most recently, the training experience of Yoga Nidra has opened a whole new channel of Nourishment within me. Both the giving and receiving of this new-to-me modality of the healing arts, has re-energized the joy and conviction I felt when first I knew yoga was the path to my evolution and happiness.

I wonder how you might be able to structure your life so that the thought of nourishing your soul-self isn’t just one more task that you have to add to your already busy life.

I invite you to take a much-needed moment to reflect on who or what your soul is feeding. Are you doing work that you are passionate about? Are your hobbies built into the flow of your days? Do you have someone or something to play with regularly?

This month’s calendar of events has some fun and different experiences for you and a friend or partner to choose from. Join us at the table of abundance for Belly Dancing to celebrate the ancient symbol of sisterhood. Or, an evening of connection with Partners Mindful Stretching and Massage. Or possibly, an opportunity to learn the empowerment of health and healing in the Thriving Cancer Survivors series for individuals and their caregivers.

Nourish yourself with the abundance that Desert Song offers. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Mary Beth and Desert Song