Meditation is the act of keeping awareness on an object without interruption. Whatever object is focused on is enhanced. We meditate more then we think we do.  An example of this powerful action is when someone does something for you that inspires happiness within you. Your happiness is called out through your awareness focusing on what you enjoyed about that persons action. The more you think about it the greater the joy.  One benefit of meditation is to become skillful at directing your powerful awareness towards the things that will improve your life and the life of others. Here is one application of doing this.

Putting Meditation Into Practice

Take a comfortable seat or lie down. Smile. Feel the smile that you are creating. Get the sense that this smile is from someone else smiling at you. Just be aware of the smile. Think of other smiles that have brought you enjoyment.

Keep your awareness on the qualities that a smile invokes from you. The more you focus on these qualities the more you will empower them to manifest. This is a great way to start your day and end your day. Enjoy.