“Yoga never asks that we change. Yoga is the method which makes us strong and flexible enough to be who we already are.” – Evon

With time and reflection I have come to realize that Yoga has always been a part of me, long before I had heard the word or taken a pose or understood the work. I was raised with a strong spiritual foundation in a wildly passionate Greek home. This unique upbringing gave me the fertile soil in which I found my own truth. After becoming a licensed massage therapist in New York in 1999, I started practicing Yoga. It instantaneously resonated for me. I moved to Arizona in 2001 and within a few months found Desert Song Healing Arts Center. I joined their massage staff and soon after went through Yoga Teacher Training, receiving my 200-hour certification in 2003. Since then, I have been teaching and studying Yoga.

My teachers are my my son, my employers, the desert, my struggles, my romantic relationships, my friends, my fears, my parents, strangers, my accomplishments, the poses and my injuries. The two yoga instructors who have most influenced how I have experienced Yoga are Meg Byerlein and Erich Schiffmann. Their authenticity humbles me and opens my heart for inspiration. I am eternally grateful.

When I teach Yoga, I hope to create a welcoming environment for students to move into safe emotional, mental and physical alignment. Each layer of this practice excites me, from the anatomy and physiology of our intricate bodies to our energetic centers, from the brilliance of our minds to the resilient strength of our hearts. Yoga never asks that we change. Yoga is the method by which we become strong and flexible enough to be who we already are. I feel a responsibility to share my enthusiasm and experience in a way that is empowering and respectful of each person’s own timing and journey.

A perfect day for me would include a yoga practice, a hike, great music, a walk along the ocean, meaningful conversation with the people I love, and laughter. Always laughter.

“Evon truly embodies the spirit and truth of yoga: that we all share this sacred heart path; that we all come together to celebrate the truth of who we are, found in the heart’s core, found in the heart of yoga.”
– Noel Shambayati, Student since 2003