What is happiness, and how can we find it?

For many of us, happiness would be ours if only we:

* lost some weight;
* were taller;
* were prettier or more handsome;
* made more money;
* were married or divorced;
* had a different spouse or significant other;
* had a better family life;
* had a better job or a different job;
* drove a really nice car;
* owned a bigger home;
* owned a second home; or
* owned a boat.

However, the path to true happiness is to find contentment inside your Self and not through attachment to physical objects. The rich are no happier than the poor, and the beautiful people are no happier than the plain of face. And that is because happiness lies within us.

By acknowledging that we are perfect just as we are (with all our warts, flaws and defects) and by letting go of our desire for physical objects, or our attachment to the future or to the past, we become free to live in the present moment. It is our wanting for more that creates unhappiness with what we already have. I’m not saying you can’t work toward a better existence or better relationships — but I am saying that by dwelling on the desire to “get more” or to change who we are or our circumstances, then we are constantly living in unhappiness. If we simply open to the perfection that already exists inside, then the past, future, and present will take care of themselves and contentment will become our way of life.