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Patricia Dreiseszun - President, online concierge service
"It is joyful arriving at the studio and being greeted by the extraordinarily caring staff. They have helped me learn, through my evolving practice, how to tap into my breath and, consequently, my physical and emotional strength. Since coming to Desert Song, I not only have a better understanding of yoga and its effect on the body, but I am also continuing to discover what it does for the mind. My personal yoga practice does not end in class or even after I have left the parking lot. It is a practice that I have with me always!"

Jim O'Sullivan - Business Law Partner, Tiffany & Bosco P.A.

"Desert Song is a great place to develop a yoga practice, but, like yoga, the studio offers so much more than exercise. I have been practicing at Desert Song since 2003, and the studio has become a great wellness resource in my life, whether for a yoga class, a massage, a private consultation or a workshop in an area of interest to me. A weeklong retreat I did with Mary Beth was probably the most physically challenging experience of my life. But, to paraphrase the author Dave Marsh, it's the difference between moving and being moved. In addition to the physical benefits of developing my yoga practice at Desert Song, I have gained perspective that informs many aspects of my life. "

Callene Benton-Coury - VP of Clinical Operations at local hospice & Tom Coury, Students since 1998

Callene: "Though nine years have passed since I joined, I am stronger and more flexible now than I was all those years ago. I also have more balance in my life, physical balance as well as emotional and spiritual balance."

Tom: "My favorite thing about practicing at Desert Song is the dedication and quality of the teachers. They aren't teaching yoga because it is popular, but because they believe in what they are teaching. I also like the community of students here. Many people have been practicing at Desert Song for a long time, so I've gotten to know them well."

Noel Shambayati - Copy Editor

"I have been practicing at Desert Song since 1999. Having never taken a yoga class before, I was immediately enveloped in the singular atmosphere of kindness, compassion and integrity that permeated all my classes and which, indeed, has characterized my experience here. The instructors, following Mary Beth's incredible example, simply excel at every aspect of yoga – from asana to pranayama to meditation – and all classes are imbued with a spiritual aspect, which is truly life-changing."

Dean Pedrotti - Phoenix Area Firefighter

" Over the years, I have progressed through several levels of yoga, from beginner to advanced. As a local firefighter, my yoga classes have benefited me in numerous ways. First, with chronic work-related back pain, yoga has increased my flexibility and reduced my risk of back re-injury. Second, I no longer feel the need to lift weights, as I benefit from the strengthening positions yoga provides. Finally, given the strenuous and taxing nature of work at a busy inner-city fire station, I find that the calming and restorative poses and the breathing exercises help reduce my stress level, lower my blood pressure and, hopefully, reduce my risk of heart attack! "

Katie Pushor - President of a Local Community Organization, Desert Song Student for about a year

"Mary Beth and her staff have created a little oasis of calm and rejuvenation within our busy city. Whenever I make the time to come to Desert Song for a yoga class, I always have the same reaction: Why don't I do this every day! I have practiced at the studio for about a year now and, in addition to regular classes, have taken the Intro to Yoga series and gone on a three-day retreat to Sunglow, a ranch in southeastern Arizona. Desert Song is very welcoming for students of all ages and abilities. The teachers provide a lot of individual attention and guidance for your practice."

Beth Bjorum - RN, CYI, LMT-CA

"I began attending Desert Song in 2003, after moving back to Arizona from California. I had a patient who insisted I attend the studio, as it was the very best in Phoenix. Through Desert Song, I have taken a workshop with Erich Schiffmann and the studio's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. I feel honored to be a part of this beautiful community, which offers me the ability to pause and become conscious in my life. Every instructor at Desert Song has integrated my experience of yoga into a personal and fulfilling journey on my path to enlightenment. "

Reynold Kraft - Civil Engineer, Psomas, Runner

"My favorite things about Desert Song are the people and quality of the instruction. Both the staff and the students are some of the best I've encountered in my years of practicing yoga. The teachers focus on the details of every pose and are always willing to try something new. Because I am a runner, I find it necessary to balance my active lifestyle with yoga to build strength and reduce injuries. Since participating in Desert Song's advanced classes, I have not suffered a single injury from running (or yoga) which has allowed me to run faster and more frequently. Additionally, practicing at Desert Song has allowed me to reduce stress in my life and given me a place to make new friends."

Patricia Spano - RN, RYT, CYI

"The good things about Desert Song are too numerous to mention. The teachers are all professional and knowledgeable, and they teach from the heart. Each student is honored exactly as they are. My favorite aspect of this studio is its warm, welcoming, community atmosphere. I have made many good friends here and practicing at Desert Song has reshaped me in body, mind and spirit. My life is so much sweeter. "

Scott Hanson - Owner, Food Concession Business

"What keeps me coming back to Desert Song is the atmosphere made special by the genuine caring, kindness and warmth of all of the teachers and staff. That, and how they make the classes enjoyable. Some of the physical changes I've experienced since coming to Desert Song, include: a more positive body image; no more lower back pain; better core strength; balance and posture; and knowing how to stretch away the aches and pains at home. Spiritually, I am much more centered; I know how to relax by concentrating on my breathing; I believe in the good of the universe and how we are all connected; and I believe in miracles."

Roman Barriga - Phoenix Area Firefighter
Simone Barriga – Cardiac Sonographer

Roman: I started my yoga practice initially to help alleviate the chronic back pain I was experiencing. I had tried many other therapies, such as, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Nothing helped me like yoga did. It changed my lifestyle and allowed me to be active and pain free again.

Simone: With my occupation, it's necessary and beneficial to practice yoga. The prenatal yoga practice was a strong foundation for my wellbeing during my pregnancy and my labor and delivery. My pre-natal and post-natal yoga practice has not only made me feel physically stronger and more connected with my body, but has also centered me spiritually and mentally, unlike any other source in my life. The massages I receive at Desert Song have helped me feel healthier in my life, as well.

Diana L. Munger – Lilia’s Mom & PT, DPT Desert Physical Therapy & Women’s Health Center, LLC

“My favorite quality of Desert Song is the depth of knowledge of the instructors. The extensive training program provides their teachers with a strong anatomy foundation, which keeps their students healthy and safe. I also love the sense of community within the studio - especially in the Prenatal and Mommy & Me classes! I always look forward to my weekly class and love that I can bring my daughter, Lilia, along with me. ”

Amy Vynalek - Hazel's Mom and Marketing Consultant, AV Communications

"Last year, I started practicing weekly at Desert Song when I learned I was pregnant. Pretty much everything the center offers for pregnant women and new mothers I've tried and LOVED!
If there is one thing I would recommend to any pregnant woman, it is to do pre-natal yoga at Desert Song. Yoga made a huge difference in my pregnancy, preparing me for childbirth and the joy and challenges of motherhood. Throughout my pregnancy, the practice prepared my body for the changes of each trimester and ultimately, birth. The prenatal, postnatal and mommy & me teachers are caring and talented and take the time at the beginning of each class to find out what is going on with everyone in the class, giving each of us individualized attention. "

Chris Schnick – Oona, Hetta & Dylan’s Dad

“I feel so good about my kids going to yoga with Mary at A Desert Song. Moving, relaxing, becoming still,'s a special thing that they have inside of them, helping them as they continue to become who they are.”

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