Tai Chi is a profound art for empowering us in our lives. We learn methods to heal our bodies by harnessing the natural life force which governs the health of the body and mind.  We become aware of how to work with challenges in our lives by listening for the opportunity within the challenge. The key to gaining the profound truth of Tai Chi is to first understand the key principle. Then you learn the techniques to master this principle. In this post I am going to reveal this core principle and then in later posts I will give you some of the techniques to master it, so pay close attention.

In our practice, we must learn how to become so relaxed that our bodies are filled with life force. Have you ever had a massage and afterwords felt completely refreshed? That my deer students is what we are looking to cultivate. There is only one way to gain this relaxation on your own. You must learn how to find center. This is the core principle of Tai Chi!

What is Center? There are many definitions and all of them are relevant in the practice of Tai Chi. However the one that we will “center” on in this article is a physical point that is in the middle of an object. Every thing has a center point. Every bone, every joint, every object. When you become aware of these center points you can then align each one. This will create a sense of stability, allowing your muscles to wash away tension.

A nice massage once in awhile also helps, but Tai Chi can maintain that sense of freedom resulting from your body being relaxed and receptive through proper alignment. This puts you in the drivers seat of your own body and health. If you don’t believe that this can affect you health, try the opposite of alignment and lean forward all day. You will start to feel how uncomfortable that can become. Stress has been shown to lead to illness. Tai Chi teaches you how to ward off stress by finding the center points that your body can rest upon. Stay tuned and we will go into the techniques to find center in my next article. Until next time, keep practicing and I’ll see you in class.