Desert Song changes lives.

Union Through Practice

by Victoria Crawford – CYI, RYT

Now, instruction in Union. So begins the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, the pathway back to our own radiant and true nature.  The Yoga Sutras are a source of instructions that help us to release ignorance, gain true wisdom and find our joy in living. There are 196 thoughts expressed in the Yoga Sutras and they unfold, layer upon layer, deeper and deeper as they lead the yogi inward to embrace the stillness that informs life. They guide us on how to be diligent in following the path so that we don’t lose our way and when we do they help us find our way back.

Putting the Yoga Sutras Into Practice

The Yoga Sutras 1.27-1.29 are personal favorites.  1.27 states, ‘God’s voice is Om.’.  It’s followed by Sutra 1.28. ‘The repetition of Om should be made with an understanding of its meaning’ and1.29. ‘From that is gained introspection and also the disappearance of obstacles’. These three Sutras remind us of how close we always are to our truth and our freedom. Understanding that the voice of God is ‘Om’ and that by simply speaking aloud this sacred word, with the intention to align with something much greater than ourselves, releases us from obstacles and allows us to know once again the beauty of our own true nature. We connect with the depth, love and spirit within our hearts, minds and bodies. With that simple and profound sound, we can remember and awaken.  The gift that is available to us all, at all times, is that we are literally an ‘Om’ away from  our true home.


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