COVID Silver Linings – Jan 2021

This has been such a trying time-for all of us. But, then we thought, “It can’t be ALL bad, can it? Surely, there were some Silver Linings that we discovered along the way… So, we asked our staff if they noticed any Silver Linings during this “time of COVID”.

Here’s what our office manager, Barb Bosh said her Silver Lining has been:

Automation and simplification have been primary goals at Desert Song for several years. When I accepted the position of office manager, they became my goals.  We made some progress, but it was slow – too slow…more

Desert Song echoes

It’s quiet here, the preparation for re-opening is nearly complete. But, I know we aren’t ready. Every morning I read the Arizona coronavirus update. Every morning, the number of cases and deaths increase. Today, the map shows Arizona dark red – More


Celebration and Graduation!

“Teach what you practice, practice what you teach.” —Krshnamacharya

It is with much anticipation and celebration that we honor the men and women of our 2016 Yoga Teacher Training Course. This group will be graduating this week at our weekend retreat in Sedona hosted by the core YTT teachers of the training (Heidi Lichte, Debbie Kayatt and me)!

The retreat is always a special time for everyone. It lends to a deep culmination of these teachings which last a lifetime. Honestly we all grow so much during the training. We have such respect for all those before us that have inspired our way. As YTT faculty, we are honored to have witnessed the development, growth and evolution of these incredible teachers over this year. It is such a gift and a blessing to share these teachings.

Please join us in holding them in your hearts as they set off to offer their unique gifts and talents in teaching the practices of Yoga within their communities. We are so proud of them!

With humility and gratitude for this journey.

Mary Beth, Heidi and Debbie

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi More


Freedom – what does this word, this concept, mean to you? Is it a complex mire of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Or is it as simple as skimming off work clothes and slipping into your yoga skin? Is it going outside and breathing in? Is it putting the car in drive and breathing out? What’s interesting – and liberating – is how individualized freedom is. More

March: Balance

This month’s theme is balance. It is an unending dance we experience to find balance and harmony in our lives. Once we feel we have achieved it, balance eludes us again. I have come to appreciate…