Freedom – what does this word, this concept, mean to you? Is it a complex mire of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Or is it as simple as skimming off work clothes and slipping into your yoga skin? Is it going outside and breathing in? Is it putting the car in drive and breathing out? What’s interesting – and liberating – is how individualized freedom is. More

A healthy vibrant life to each of you this year!

Within the life of each of us there are significant episodes, incidents and moments that evoke powerful awakenings. This past year has brought several of those times forward for many of us. From the birth of new family members to the transitions of loved ones, we have been touched and inspired by so much.More

March: Balance

This month’s theme is balance. It is an unending dance we experience to find balance and harmony in our lives. Once we feel we have achieved it, balance eludes us again. I have come to appreciate…

February: Heart

The theme this month is heart. It has been an incredible heart opening week at Desert Song with the country’s historical inauguration and our celebration of Yoga during Yoga Day 2009. It was inspiring to observe…

On Finding Contentment

What is happiness, and how can we find it? For many of us, happiness would be ours if only we: * lost some weight; * were taller; * were prettier or more handsome; * made more…