Monthly Theme: Compassion

Since taking on this challenge of writing something on the theme of compassion, I have gone through many approaches about what to say. I read a lot about the research being done, the scientific evidence as to what parts of our brain are involved and how our bodies are affected by the practice of compassion, and what other people are saying. My tendency is to …More

Monthly Theme: Restoration

Noticing what brings us joy, grief, a sense of wonder is part of our embodiment. Recognizing embodiment within, we recognize it in those around us, including the spaces and creatures in those spaces. The places we love matter. What outer places or experiences bring you a sense of inner healing or wholeness?…More

Monthly Theme: Freedom

“I wanna change the world little by little, piece by piece.” These words are spoken by poetess Patience Briggs, who will feature a themed performance on freedom during the July Dharma Talk…More