COVID Silver Linings – Nov. 2020

This has been such a trying time-for all of us. But, then we thought, “It can’t be ALL bad, can it? Surely, there were some Silver Linings that we discovered along the way… So, we asked our staff if they noticed any Silver Linings during this “time of COVID” and here’s what some of them said…

My silver lining: uninterrupted time to dedicate to my creative process, both in design and fabrication. It’s been a huge evolutionary shift for me.  -Anita Farrah

Stillness. Being fully immersed in stillness in ways I’ve never experienced before. Stillness became like a salve that soothes my worries, wounds and anxious spirit. Before this year I didn’t realize how much I liked to move as a way to outrun those feelings – stay busy – keep creating – move forward – achieve. I feel so much more worthy now, which I know seems like an odd juxtaposition.  -Theresa Snyder

My driving has been significantly reduced which has a positive and direct impact on the environment. -Stephanie Benjes

Covid has nudged my beloved wife, our 5 year old daughter and I, into anchoring our roots in central Phoenix through buying our first home.  This has given us more space to continue to practice social distancing and nurture possibilities for a better tomorrow.– Adam Montoya

One gift that I’ve experienced with so much time at home, is spending more time in my garden and planting our food from seed. Interacting with the teeming life force in this tiny world has definitely supported my well-being. -Heidi Lichte

My silver lining is that I have discovered just how much I really don’t need. I don’t need a bulging refrigerator or a packed pantry. I don’t need to go or be somewhere. I don’t need to eat out. I don’t need to be doing something. While I never thought I needed much, I have found that I need much less than even that. I’ve discovered that my husband and I are still pretty compatible after nearly 40 years and can “hang out” all day long. That has actually been one of the few things I have needed to be able to do. -Sue Bartz

Although Covid-19 has forced many of us onto Zoom, for me, this has been a blessing, even though we often tire of this technology. With Zoom, and other platforms, I can easily connect with people literally around the world for yoga, meditation and communication.  Even though this technology was available before Covid, we didn’t make use of it like we do now.  I’m grateful for this revelation. And, because I’m practicing yoga from home more, I finally cleaned up an area of my home so that I have room to take classes and do my home practice away from my home office.  I found a whole new corner of my house that I rarely used in almost 20 years.  Who knew? – Alisa Gray

The silver lining for me is that I now have “down time” that I usually don’t have in which to play with Vince and Tuli (my dog), to read, meditate, journal, ride bikes, phone family and friends and to teach Yoga to my dad in New Jersey over Zoom!  Time has been my gift!-Mary Beth

Now, we’ve asked you! Have you found a Silver Lining or two these past eight months and would you be willing to tell us one or two? We know it’s been hard to feel grateful and some days we have had to look harder than others for those Silver Linings, but, we hope you will share yours with the Community. We all need those gentle reminders of just how much we really have.

Here are some of your COVID Silver Linings responses:

My COVID Silver lining is….

That I have had space to go at the pace I like….medium to slow…. the opportunity to linger in my garden, explore on my walks, appreciate the beauty in my house. I’ve enjoyed having an excuse to stop and just be….sit outside and watch the play of light on the leaves, take my walks later in the day and tune in and listen to the heartbeat and rhythm of nature not just occasionally but throughout the day.  

My COVID Silver Lining is….

about my hair. I’ve always had a head full of curls and have spent my entire life struggling with it to make it straight and smooth “to be like all other women.” But with Covid and staying home for 7 months, I’ve cut myself some slack and let it be natural, curly and easy. That experience had allowed me to see myself differently and to actually appreciate my natural curls and love my new look. This is more than a hair story…it is life changing for me.  It’s about fully accepting who I am and removing a lifelong burden from my life. Thanks for allowing me to share my authentic self. 🙏

My COVID Silver Lining is….
Since my world is pretty small these days I decided I could expand it by educating myself on black history.  I grew up on a farm in a small rural white community in the midwest.  We had one black kid in our entire high school and that was my exposure to other ethnic groups.  I started watching videos on YouTube about the Jim Crow era then expanded to reading.  I’m now on my 6th book with at least 10 more on the waiting list. It’s amazing how white men in power have stacked the deck to keep people of color and women down.  What we teach as American history in our schools must change if we ever want to live in a more loving, equitable society.  Black people have literally built America, for free!
I’ve also planted a garden and have discovered that growing up on a farm taught me absolutely nothing about gardening and gardening is not for the faint of heart! I have raised beds which did not stop a coyote from visiting & doing a bit of digging, we’ve had insects eating the lettuce and other rodents visiting and digging for whatever tasty snack maybe under those tender little plants popping up.  However, I now have tomatoes and peppers growing on the vine.  The garden fills me with hope and joy every day!
My yoga practice continues to help me stay in balance and focused on gratitude (thank you Desert Song).  I continue to chant “Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM”!

My COVID Silver Lining is….
This disruption of our normal lives has allowed me a to find a deeper sense of gratitude for the many graces that have been bestowed upon me.  It has also inspired in me a more traditional practice of prayer as I seek understanding, patience and trust in the inevitable cultural, spiritual and economic shifts that are occurring.  

Thank you Desert Song for the many years of spiritual practice that has given me buoyancy to weather 2020!