This month’s theme is balance. It is an unending dance we experience to find balance and harmony in our lives. Once we feel we have achieved it, balance eludes us again.
I have come to appreciate the environment of the studio and the individuals that come into Desert Song because as a whole, they tend to be searching for a more conscious way to live.
As we practice together, a feeling of centeredness returns to the room and it becomes evident on students’ faces that they have found a place of peace within themselves. Our breathing and movements become steady and rhythmic, we connect to our inner nature and then seem to balance with others around us in the room.
By moving inside ourselves before going outside ourselves, we come to understand the sweet balanced essence of our true nature and can then live from that part of ourselves. Practicing yoga or tai chi becomes a touchstone that acts as a lever to support a more balanced harmonious life. Yoga and tai chi are two of the most powerful gifts given to us to support a balanced well-being.

Mary Beth