A year of gratitude

In January, I was recovering from surgery feeling thankful for my health, the love and support of my family, friends and our community. By the end of February, my strength was returning and I was back to a nearly full schedule. My world was almost normal.

Then came March. On the 16th, we stopped offering in-studio classes. A few days later, we cancelled massage and acupuncture. With a supportive and willing staff, we took yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes online, March 23.

Last night as I flipped the calendar to November, a tsunami of gratitude poured over me. In a year with more business and personal challenges than previous years, I’ve been blessed beyond belief. I offer my thanks to an incredible, resilient staff, a loving husband and family and to a generous and supportive community.

Together with the Desert Song Staff, Vince and I thank you for your donations and support over the past several months.

To our donors, we would not survive without your generous support. Thank you for your continued donations.

To our community, without your continued dedication to on-line classes, we would not be here.
Thank you for adapting and showing up day after day, week after week.

With our love and sincere gratitude,
Mary Beth, Vince and the Desert Song Staff