Until this past Monday, it has been so beautiful outside that it hardly seems like we are in our winter season. As we move towards the Winter Equinox, where the nights are longer and the days are shorter, it is an excellent time of the year to draw inward and find some time to reflect upon the blessings (and lessons) we have experienced over the past 12 months.

My husband and I usually spend quality time around the holidays to get away with each other reflecting and giving thanks for the years’ gifts and opportunities. We usually go to the mountains or the ocean, for these regions spiritually feed us. This year we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we are at the ocean.

As I sit here on my balcony writing this passage the air is quite still, allowing for the bay to reflect the sky, boats, seagulls and sun. Like the stillness of the wind, the stillness of my mind acts as a metaphor giving the opportunity to observe the beauty of spirit in and around me. These moments, so sweet and simple, broaden the landscape of my being, making space for the sacredness of life to be felt.

We all need these moments to connect to the strength, depth and breadth of Spirit. It’s what the masters of all great paths and traditions encourage us to explore for our health and wellbeing.

For the past 30+ years at the center, we have made it a priority during the hectic holiday season to slow things down a bit. Especially this year, with the intensity of the election culture, we plan on creating a calm, restorative space with hopes that it will nurture your body, quiet your mind and feed your soul.

In addition to coming to the center for a class, workshop or a relaxing massage, consider giving yourself some personal down time to quiet your mind and allow the wisdom of your soul to reveal the gifts that were brought over the year. It is sure to restore your spirit and become one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Whether you are new to Desert Song, or you have been with us for decades, we feel continually blessed by your presence and support for our community.

May you and your family enjoy a season of grace, peace and reflection. Each of you are a gift we don’t take for granted.

With gratitude and love,

Mary Beth, Vince and the Desert Song Staff

A Blessing of Solitude by John O’Donohue 1956-2008
May you recognize in your life, the presence, power and light of your soul.
May you realize that you are never alone,
That your soul in its brightness and belonging
Connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe.
May you have respect for your own individuality and difference.
May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique,
That you have a special destiny here,
that behind the façade of your life
there is something beautiful, good, and eternal happening.
May you learn to see yourself with the same delight, pride,
and expectation with which God sees you in every moment.